How to Enter An Order

Okay, so you are logged into your schools account and you can see our great schools specific pricing?

You have also filled your cart with a range of products? Wonderful, you are now ready to finalise your order! 

IMPORTANT: Your Shopping Cart is the best area to adjust or remove items from your order. It is also the area apply discount codes during promotions like 10% off. 

The Checkout is the final stage, you're happy with everything in your order and you would like to add shipping details and apply payments using cards, account credits or gift vouchers. 

There are a few different ways to complete your order, please see below to see what works best for you. 

When you add items to your cart a pop-up appears, either:  

  • You can close the window by pressing the X on the right hand corner 
  • You can press the Continue Shopping button to keep adding items to your cart 
  • Clicking View my Cart will take you to the cart page. This area allows you to adjust your order by deleting items or increasing the amount you'd like 
  • The green Checkout Now button is best for when you're happy with everything in your cart and you'd like to pay and finalise your order

Or you can click the Cart Button: 

Another way to find your shopping cart is by clicking the cute cart icon on the right hand side of the website! And that takes you directly to the CART area, then you'll be able to adjust your items. 

If you are unable to view your cart use this handy link, it'll take you to the right place! 

Okay, you're happy with how everything now you're ready to CHECKOUT: 

  1.  You can click the green Checkout Now button we mentioned above in the pop up
  2. Or you can also find it in the Cart section, it's a lot bigger and in the top right corner

Once you're in the checkout page there's a few things you need to do before finalising your order: 

  1. Fill in your contact details, ensure your phone number and email address are correct. We may need to call or email should there be any major stock issues. 
  2. Make sure your delivery address is correct, should the incorrect address be used and items returned to Deans Art you will need to pay an additional shipping charge. 

Please visit our Schools Account Shipping page for details on how we ship your items! 



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