How to Search for Products

Approved and ready to start ordering? Wonderful, please see below on how to find products online! 

  1. Find the search bar, just next to our logo on the very top page header
  2. Start entering a word or part of a product code into the search bar
  3. Items should start appearing
  4. You can then select from this list, or hit enter to view the full selection from your search 

A few things to remember when searching:

Using codes from our Schools catalogue? Please note there are slight differences to product codes online. If you're unable to find a full code from our catalogue try removing the last few numbers and see if a product pops up this way. 

When searching brands or words make sure to spell everything correctly, misspelled words will not work. 

If you can't find a product under a brand name try using other words, i.e Faber Castell Polychromos Pencil might not work but searching Polychromos will bring the product up. 

You can also find products by searching in the category areas. At the top of the page, just under the search bar you can see product listings right next to where you've found this handy guide! 

Click into each category to browse the range! 

Also if you've clicked into a section i.e books, you're also able to then find the main product section by clicking the link in the left hand corner i.e EASELS & STUDIO. This works for all main headings! 

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