Art Spectrum Painting Medium No. 1 contains a balanced amount of Stand Oil and turpentine for a well-balanced, permanent paint layer. Also useful to clean and lessen absorbency of pre-primed canvas panels and stretched canvas???. (Wipe on and wipe off).

Art Spectrum Artists??? Oil Painting Medium No. 1:

  • A permanent artists??? painting medium.
  • Easy to apply. Simply place a small amount in a container and dip in your brush when required.
  • Rapid drying. It can dry (harden) overnight.
  • Cost effective. It is cheaper than paint.
  • Allows colour brilliance. Using this medium allows white ground to glow through.

Art Spectrum Artists??? Oil Painting Medium No. 1 can also be used for:

  • Sealing acrylic grounds. When applied direct to the acrylic ground it acts as a mild sealer and helps to prevent the ???deadening??? effect of over absorption of the oil vehicle.
  • Preparing a coloured ground. Simply add a small amount of oil paint to the medium.
  • Underpainting. Can quickly lay down an under painting by rubbing with a soft cloth or one of the larger sized brushes.

The ???lean to fat??? rule

When one layer of oil paint contains an equal amount of oil as the next layer, the top layer will dry while the bottom layer will be deprived of oxygen and remain wet. This will cause wrinkling and eventually cracking. To prevent this problem, use Artists??? Oil Painting Medium No. 1 first and then Artists??? Oil Painting Medium No. 2 for subsequent layers. This will give an even tension throughout the painting. This method is known as ???lean to fat???.

Painting Medium No. 3 is viscous and ???fatter??? for those who like a heavier medium. It should be used over the leaner mediums.

(NB: ???Lean??? and ???fat??? should not be confused with ???thick??? and ???thin???. A lean paint can be very stiff and go on thickly while a fat paint may have so much oil in it that it goes on thinly.)

Art Spectrum Mediums

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