Nicker Colour Co. Ltd.


Nicker Colour Co. Ltd is a paint manufacturing company established in 1950. Thanks to a serious approach to colour since their founding they have enjoyed remarkable support from the Japanese animation industry. 

Today they're bringing the power of colour to professional artists and art classrooms. They find great joy in helping countless children to develop their artistic sensibilities. 

Nicker Colour Co Ltd also have a number of ambassador artists including John Stevens, Ken Sobajima, Hideachi Kita and Yoichi Wantanabe. And also have a number of helpful how to videos showing various techniques for working with Poster Colour on youtube. 

NICKER poster colour is made with pure arabic gum as the binder. Compared to dextrin, which is normally used, you can feel a remarkable smooth spread. In addition Nicker Poster Colour is a versatile paint suitable for use in opaque or transparent watercolour techniques.