Gift Vouchers


ONLINE GIFT VOUCHERS - Purchased online

Customers can redeem vouchers themselves in our webstore checkout, to pay for all or some of your order. Below are the steps to redeem gift vouchers on the website during checkout. 

Vouchers need to be entered at checkout, if you are in the shopping cart please click the green CHECKOUT NOW button at the bottom right of your screen. 

During Checkout

  1. In the payment details section, click on Redeem voucher. You can also click on redeem voucher in the order summary box.

  2. The gift voucher fields appear in the order summary box to the right, you can enter the voucher code, and secret code.

  3. Then click on the Redeem Voucher button. 

  4. A new section will appear asking how much of the voucher to apply to the order. The amount that is entered will be deducted from the total owing. Any remaining balance can then be paid through your other payment methods.


If you still have problems go back to your SHOPPING CART and click create Quote from cart. 

Please email with your gift voucher details and a team member will be able to apply it manually to your order.

Please note our office is only staffed Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)


Physical gift vouchers purchased instore have codes which can't be used directly online at this time. 

If you would like to use your physical voucher either post or drop the voucher to our head office located at 17-19 High St Preston VIC 3072. 

Please include your name, phone number and email address. We'll let you know once the credit has been applied. Deans Art is not responsible for vouchers lost in transit by Australia Post. 


Whilst it is preferable to use your voucher online if you need to use your voucher instore: 

Please print your voucher

Staff will locate your voucher online and delete it from the system

Any credit leftover will be transferred to an instore credit


Please email if you have any questions