When I entered art college with a dream of becoming a painter, I made art with acrylic paints.

Due to the nature of acrylic paints, the squeezed paint hardens after a few hours and cannot be used, and the palette also cannot be removed, so only disposable items can be used.

After graduating, I felt the need for a palette for acrylic paints that can be used for a long time and that hardened paints can be easily removed after mixing, as the inconvenience of acrylic paint palettes continues. . Based on these experiences, we developed a palette for acrylic paints and naturally became a start-up company.

Mijello's products, developed with great sympathy for the artist's heart, were made with utmost sincerity in each process by the members of Mijello. All members of Mijello share the same feeling that the product we made is passed on to someone and used for a beautiful and precious work, just like the joy that an artist feels after completing a work.

Min-Jin Seo, CEO of Mijello