Returns Policy


Company Policy on

Returns and Refunds

Deans Arts’ refund policy is in accordance with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (formerly the Trade Practices Act) which applies throughout Australia.


  • Deans Art aims to satisfy all our customers at all times.
  • Where a refund is in order, Deans Art will issue a refund promptly upon the presentation of a receipt.
  • All refunds on cash purchases will be made in cash.
  • All refunds on credit card purchases will be made to the original card holder in the form of a credit card credit voucher.

In all situations Deans Art will

fulfill our legal obligations


Policy on ‘Change of Mind’


Deans Art is not obliged by law to refund, credit or exchange a customers purchase where the customer changes his/her mind about the necessity or suitability of that purchase.

However, in keeping with Deans Art policy of customer satisfaction, we may offer an exchange or credit voucher at the discretion of the store manager.

Refund Policy


Deans Art will issue a refund promptly if:

  • The product purchased is in any way faulty provided such faultiness has in no way been contributed to by the negligence or otherwise of the purchaser.
  • The product purchased has been wrongly described or does not genuinely fulfill  the purpose under which it has been sold.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: In respect of faulty merchandise, we encourage the customer to accept exchange or credit in the place of a refund.                      

    Deans Art will not give

    a refund if :


  • The customer cannot supply reasonable proof of purchase in the form of a Deans Art receipt
  • The original credit card used for the purchase can not be supplied by the customer
  • Any reasonable instructions supplied by the manufacturer have not been followed correctly
  • Any fault was caused by the actions of the customer
  • The customer simply changes their mind and decides they do not like the goods or have no use for them
  • The customer discovers they can buy the goods cheaper elsewhere
  • The customer had a defect drawn to their attention before purchasing the goods, (ie: seconds or faulty goods) but chose to purchase the goods at a discounted price.
  • The request for refund is not made within a reasonable time (ie. 30 days) from the date of purchase.        

    If you have any concerns regardingthis policy we encourage you to contact us at:

    Deans Art  Head Office & Schools Division

    17 – 19 High St Preston VIC 3072

    P: (03) 9485 9500 F: (03) 9485 9595