All brands have a path and a record in history, as well as an appellation of origin which guarantees its authenticity. MTN's began 20 years ago in Barcelona, at a time when, after the launch of their first spray product, the word spread across Europe, and writers and artists from France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy began to arrive to fill their car trunks with Montana and bring it back to their countries.

MTN's capacity for innovation, daily work, clear dedication to their clients, and commitment to graffiti and the environment are the main values of the brand, and that is what differentiates them from the rest, and that is also what has been recorded not only in the timeline of history but also in the collective memory of clients and the international graffiti scene with which they have grown, hand in hand.

With the passing of the years, our motto remains the same: support graffiti and respect each other and the environment.