Viarco was founded in 1907 and remains the only pencil factory in Portugal. Viarco produce a range of art materials centered around drawing from graphites, coloured drawing materials and more. 
Artists are probably most familiar with their tailor shaped Crabon Disc range, but Viarco also produces a range of more experimental graphite products. From their GRAPHITE POWDER POUCHES to ART GRAF KNEADABLE GRAPHITE which is like a putty and can be rolled onto surfaces to leave behind a layer of graphite. 
The new additions to the Viarco range incude SCENTED GRAPHITE PENCILS, which smell like the flowers found in neighbourhoods and backyards around Pourtgal. 
Deans Art is proud to stock a range of Viarco products across our 3 Melbourne locations as well as online. With shipping across Australia and New Zealand you can have quality art supplies delivered straight to your door.