Viarco Products at Deans Art

Author: Pia M  Date Posted:5 June 2023 

Deans Art stores sell a range of quality art supplies from the pencil brand Viarco.

Viarco is a Portuguese manufacturing company based in São João da Madeira. Founded in 1907, Viarco is not only the oldest but the only pencil manufacturer in Portugal.

Popular products in the Viarco range include: 

The Viarco Carbon Disc Range inculdes single colours or sets. They're shaped like traditional tailors chalk so can be used on the side for a fine line or with a brush as a watercolour pan style paint. The colours in the Viarco Carbon Disc range are earthy tones suitable for landscapes or a nice bright primary colour range which can be mixed to create almost any colour you can think of. 

Viarco Scented Graphite Pencils are a new addition at Deans Art and a sentimental product from Viarco. The flowers chosen all invoke a sense of the beutiful backyards and neighbourhoods of Pourtugal. In a handy pack of 6 these make a wonderful and unusual gift for the artist in your life. Our favourite scents are the Fig or Peony! 

Viarco Graphite Powders are a fantastic tool for artists. It is extremleyversatile and can be buffed onto papers with a paint brush or just your finger. Avaliable in a 100g or 250g pouch it can be easily reused and stored safely. With soluble and fixing properties incorporated into the formula, the ArtGraf graphite powder provides a rigorous control of the scale of greys, from transparent to the opaque only by controlling the proportion of water and graphite.

Another experimental product is the Viarco ArtGraf Kneadable Graphite Putty, yes you read that right kneadable! If you're wondering how to use the ArtGraf Knedable graphite there's a handy video below. But it's so easy, break off a small piece and roll across paper to leave behind a fine layer of graphite. You can build up the grahpite payers, press down harder to leave more of an impression or roll it up into a big ball and roll it across the page for some experimental and cathartic art therapy. There's no limit to how it can be used! 

ArtGraf XL Watersoluble Graphite Stick is another almost performance worth art product. Create gestures and draw across the page with this weighted stick of graphite. Use with water to create a beautiful waterwash effect. 

There's so much more to find! View the full Viarco range online or instore now and give their products a try, they're a surprising and fun item to add to your studio! 


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