Deans Art Ghoulish Halloween Supplies

Author: Pia M  Date Posted:12 September 2022 

Getting Crafty this Spooky Season? Deans Art has all your Halloween needs covered!

Padico Japan Cloth Clay can be used to make ghostly decorations for your crypt. 

Padico Cloth Clay has a cream like consistency and is perfect for creating cloth draping in your art and craft work.

Dip your chosen cloth or fabric ribbon in Padico Cloth Clay and mould it to your liking. Allow to air dry and you can then display or use as you wish

Drape it over a Papier Mache Face Mask to make ears, noses and wrinkles!

Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, cane fibre masks that come with attached head elastics. Suitable for use with markers, crayons, paints and collage materials.

Paint your creation with Global Fine Art Acrylics 

These brilliant pigments are ideal for bold structured techniques such as simulated oil painting through to delicate watercolours.


Getting Dressed up this Spooky Season?

We have you covered with Global Body Paints in a rainbow of colours. Choose from 45ml and 200ml tubs.

Global BodyArt is suitable for all age groups and a wide range of uses. This premium body paint has a smooth ??soft paste?? texture which allows it to be used directly from the jar. It dries to a soft velvety finish. Used by professional artists and on movie sets worldwide.

Want to add something more? Choose from Global Liquid Latex 200ml1 Litre


Global Colours’ Liquid Latex is perfect for special effects make-up projects like cuts, gashes, scars, burns, blisters, wrinkles, zombie skin-peeling, ageing as well as adhering and blending certain prosthetics.

It can be applied to the skin and then built up using materials such as tissue paper and cotton wool. Ideal for Halloween, gory makeup effects or cosplay characters.

Global Stage Blood adds another element to your fancy dress!

100% non toxic, hypoallergenic, strongly pigmented and non staining. Apply freely to make special effects look more realistic. Easy wash off with soap and water.