Deans Art Lovers Club

Love Art Supplies? Save on your next order with the Deans Art Club! 

The Deans Art Lovers Club is for artists who splurge and like to be rewarded. 

For every $1 Spent receive 10 Deans Art Reward Points. Use your points instore and online. 

Sign up online to start using points instore and online. When purchasing instore, provide staff with your account email address to apply to the sale.

Instructions for using your voucher online: Enter the voucher code and secret key at the last stage of checkout 3. Payment details + Redeem Voucher

The value of the voucher will then be applied to your order. Any outstanding balance can be paid with the payment methods available. If you do not spend the entire voucher value in single transaction, the remaining balance will be available on your account for future use. 


Instructions for using your voucher instore: Visit our stores, pick your items and head to the front counter. Please show staff your email containing the voucher code and secret key. Staff will apply your points to your order and then any difference can be paid with Cash or Card. 


Terms and Conditions Apply

Staff must be notified of customer account details before sale is finalised to ensure points are applied and accrued on the customers account. 

  • Points can't be applied to previous instore sales with no customer details applied
  • Points expire 365 days after purchase is made. 

  • Shipping cost is not included in caculating reward amounts. 

  • Points can only be applied to Retail Customer Accounts.

  • Minimum point redemption amount is $1
  • Should items be returned, refunded or credited to your account reward points for the original sale may be removed from your account.

  • Deans Art reserves the right to restrict points on certain items at any time

Please note this new digital system replaces the old Deans Art Club Accounts with the physical card. Customers must register for a new account online, the old system is now invalid and can no longer be used instore or online.